From “The Music of Life” (a work in progress)

By on June 29, 2018

Words deliver only introductions to the art of being immersed in life … 

 * * *

Spiritual knowing is not something that can be pinned down by specific words, because it expresses itself as a lived experience, moment by moment. But words can lead us towards a spiritual experience, just as certain images, sensations, or events can lead us towards something we sense is deeply meaningful. So, I have often been drawn to reflect on meaningful ideas in a more poetic or lyrical way than is offered by the usual expectations of prose, because in this way I can be less restricted by literal implications and more open to spiritual ones.

Here are a couple of offerings.




Inside every selfless act

          are seeds of coming-together,

          grounding us in the wholeness of life!

Inside every selfish act

          are seeds that keep us separate,

          wedged in a dark corner of our world,

          unlit by the light of our unity.


Inside every reason is a risk of exclusion:

but when we embrace it with love, it will always be

          an opening.

Inside every feeling is a risk of deception:

but when it is grounded in love, we can trust that it

          will nurture us.


Inside every paradox are seeds of unity,

because opposites don’t exist without each other …

Can there be life without death,

darkness without light,

knowledge without mystery,

fullness without emptiness?


Inside you it’s spring, when you thrive so much

that you can’t look back or to the future

because each moment is so delicious …

Inside you it’s summer, when you ripen so much

that you forget yourself in the joy of being

a part of everything in the world around you …

Inside you it is autumn, when you relinquish so much

that there is nothing at all you are not letting go of

and you feel like you’re coming into a deep homecoming …

Inside you it is like winter, when you have warmed yourself so much

that nothing around you feels cold, and everything envelops you

within a silence abounding with meanings you cannot express …



Nothing can prepare us for “what is”

except a readiness to live it …

Some moments are charged with energy;

others induce us towards repose …

Some kinds of weather nurture new life,

others bring about devastation …

But whatever we experience

entwines us with the patterns of life;

and what do these entwinements reveal

if not the wisdom of embracing

every kind of involvement with life

as a way of being who we are?


Every morning comes with a blessing:

an opportunity to welcome

what we do not know into our lives.

Who can claim that their understanding

of anyone or any event

cannot be enhanced in any way?

When we act with the humility

of someone who knows that what they know

is always an incomplete picture

of what something actually “is”,

even seeing familiar faces,

or doing a customary task,

becomes a way of recreating

both ourselves and the world we live in.


Every morning comes with a blessing

when we embrace our incompleteness

as a way of being creative.


Your harvest is always ready

when the work that you do is to love.

Your table is always prepared

when what you provide is who you are.

There is always good food and drink

when everyone you meet is a friend.

There is always an abundance

when everything you do is a gift.

Your song is always beautiful,

when its melody comes from your heart.

Your presence is always needed

when all that you bring is your coming.


The best that we can do

is our capacity to be simply aware:

to look without judgement,

listen without bias,

think without assuming,

feel without prejudice,

act without compulsion,

love without attachment.

Look at the way a child

brings delight to people just by smiling at them.


We do not need to explain

why seeing a child smile fills us with a sense of joy,

or a certain melody always elicits delight,

or why certain locations induce feelings of deep peace …

It is enough that we know we are participating

in a unique unfolding of the beauty of our world.