From “Being in Belonging: A Notebook of Lyrical Reflections” (A work in progress)

By on June 29, 2018

Words deliver only introductions to the art of being immersed in life … 

 * * *

Spiritual knowing is not something that can be pinned down by specific words, because it expresses itself as a lived experience, moment by moment. But words can lead us towards a spiritual experience, just as certain images, sensations, or events can lead us towards something we sense is deeply meaningful. So, I have often been drawn to reflect on meaningful ideas in a more poetic or lyrical way than is offered by the usual expectations of prose, because in this way I can be less restricted by literal implications and more open to spiritual ones.

Here are a few offerings.

The Music of Belonging

Even a barely perceptible quiver,

or the slightest shimmering of light or sound,

is part of a larger flow of energy

from which it receives a life-giving power

and into which it ultimately returns.


What can exist outside the rhythms of life,

the rising and falling of things that happen:

lifespans unfolding, within and around us,

as tiny as a fleeting thought or feeling,

as common and recurring as a season,

or as vast as an unfolding galaxy?


And what happens when our thoughts and emotions

move into the currents of life around us

if not the making of a kind of music,

a counterpoint of interweaving voices

all contributing to a composition

that brings to life the way we participate

in the unfolding of universal life?


Any sound can be part of a melody.

Any movement can be part of a rhythm.

And different voices can come together

            creating either harmony or discord.

But nothing happens that does not contribute

in an integral, interdependent way

to the music of belonging to our world.



Anything can nurture us

            when we embrace it as part of who we are

            anywhere, at any time—

“being together” makes us

            part of the seasons endlessly unfolding

            from the Origin of Life.


Life moves within the rhythms

            created by our participating in

            whatever is around us.

What is our reality

            if not the music of always belonging

            to what we are involved with?


To listen to this music

            is to hear the sounds of the Seasons of Life

            resonating within us.

And what could be more vital

            than to be in tune with the way we belong

            to the unfolding of Life?



Looking Inside


Inside every selfless act

are seeds of coming-together,

grounding us in the wholeness of life!

Inside every selfish act

are seeds that keep us separate,

wedged in a dark corner of our world,

unlit by the light of our unity.



Inside every reason

is a risk of exclusion:

but when we embrace it with love,

it will always be an opening.

Inside every feeling

is a risk of deception:

but when it is grounded in love,

we can trust that it will nurture us.



Inside you it’s spring,

when you thrive so much

that you can’t look back

or to the future

because each moment

is so delicious.

Inside you it’s summer,

when you ripen so much

that you forget yourself

in the joy of being

a part of everything

in the world around you.

Inside you it is autumn,

when you relinquish so much

that there is nothing at all

you are not letting go of,

yet you feel like giving thanks

for belonging to our world.

Inside you it is like winter,

when you have warmed yourself so much

that nothing around you feels cold,

and everything envelops you

within a silence abounding with

meanings that you cannot express.




Not a day goes by that can’t be filled

with opportunities to welcome

what we do not know into our lives.


Who can claim that our understanding

of ourselves and the world we live in

cannot be replenished in some way?


When we act with the humility

of someone who knows that what we know

is always an incomplete picture,

or blurred by current circumstances,

even seeing familiar faces,

or doing a customary task,

can be a way of recreating

both ourselves and the world we live in …


By embracing our incompleteness,

we make ourselves ready to receive

the creative power of our lives.



What do we celebrate when we sing …

our technical abilities, or the song we are singing?

 Why do we do the work that we do …

so we can assess our self-worth, or live a meaningful life?

 How can we live most authentically …

by acquiring possessions, or by sharing all we have?


Our harvest is always ready

when the work that we do is to love.

 Our tables are always prepared

when what we provide is who we are.


There is always good food and drink

when everyone we meet is a friend. 

There is always an abundance

when everything we do is a gift.


Our song is always beautiful,

when its melody comes from our hearts.

 Our presence is always needed

when all that we bring is our coming.